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Santa Barbara Real Estate – San Roque Real Estate Market Update May June 2012

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice The San Roque real estate market continues to be a very strong market here in Santa Barbara.  The only homes that seem to not be selling are the ones that the market is telling us are too high priced.  Outside of this, from a fixer to a done up home across all price points in San Roque, homes are selling.  Buyers are out there and simply asking for more inventory.  Many homes are also seeing multiple offers of 2-3 offers. If you are looking for real estate information and a home... Continue Reading >

High End Luxury Montecito Real Estate Sales Continue Their Strong Pace

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice The very high end luxury real estate market here in Montecito is seeing a great deal of activity and sales here in the first part of the year.  This is in pretty stark comparison to the sales here in the last year(s). 2009 - 10 Total sales over $7.5 million 2010 - 14 Total sales over $7.5 million 2011 - 4 Total sales over $7.5 million In 2012, we have already seen 8 total closed sales over the first 5 months of the year, 5 of which have been over $15 million. Right now in our very high... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara CORT Reports – Santa Barbara Real Estate April 2012

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are the latest CORT report statistics for real estate here in Carpinteria, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito and Summerland.  All of the red "x" delineate REO or distressed sales.  As you will notice, the vast majority of our foreclosures and short sales continue to be in the lower end price points. The overall market also continues to be very strong with most well priced homes selling within a few days to a few weeks.  Buyers continue to be very comfortable with prices and are taking advantage of incredibly low interest rates. ... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Update March 2012

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are some of the latest Santa Barbara real estate market statistics with regards to inventory, listings, sales, prices etc. for March 2012. As the statistics show, the real estate market here in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria is very strong and active.  With the combination of fewer listings (inventory), great interest rates and buyers that are comfortable with the are selling quickly across all price points in the last 6-8 months. The graph below depicts this overall lack of inventory in of the obvious factors leading to a fairly quick market.   The immediate... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate – What is the Early Pulse of The 2012 Real Estate Market?

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Often as a Realtor I am asked...for obvious reasons: Where is the real estate market these days? How is the real estate market these days? Are homes selling fast, slow etc.? Basically all of these questions mean "What is happening in Real Estate right now?" Across the board from the lower starting end at around $200,000 to $600,000, to the middle of the market from $700,000 to $1.5 million all the way to the luxury high end of $5 million and above, homes are selling. In the lower end from around $200,000 to $600,000, most all... Continue Reading >

2011 Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Wrap up for The Peabody Elementary School District

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice The main areas for the Peabody Elementary School District encompass the neighborhoods of San Roque, some of the Santa Barbara Foothills and a stretch of Downtown Santa Barbara West of State Street.  For many people here in Santa Barbara, San Roque has become one of the quintessential "family neighborhoods" and has often been voted for as "Best Neighborhood" in a local paper's poll. Much of the housing in The San Roque area consists of older character single family homes.  Many of these homes are smaller in size running in the 900 to 1400 sqft range,... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate Benefits From Fixed Mortgage Rates Continuing Near Record Lows For 6th Straight Week

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice This weeks average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage continued to hover just above its record low.  Freddie Mac reported this week that the rate on the ever popular 30-year home loan sat just below 4% at 3.99%.  The record low for the 30-year mortgage rate was set about 9 weeks ago when it dropped to 3.94%. The average rate of the 15-year fixed mortgage has been sitting around 3.27 %, down from 3.30 % the last few weeks.  The record low for the 15-year mortgage rate was also set about 9 weeks ago at... Continue Reading >