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Oceanfront and Beachfront Real Estate for Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria and Hope Ranch CA.

The oceanfront along the Santa Barbara coastline is referred to as roughly the 20 miles that stretch from Goleta and Santa Barbara to Montecito and Carpinteria.  This entire coastline is blessed with some of the world's most scenic, clean and safe beaches, as well as some of the most spectacular estate properties.  As a surprise to many, most of our coast and beaches in the Santa Barbara area face south/southwest as opposed to the west, as most of the California beaches do.  This prominent south/southwest facing orientation along with the Santa Ynez coastal mountain... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara & Montecito Gated Communities & Developments

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Within Santa Barbara, Montecito and our surrounding areas, there are a decent amount of options for true gated communities.  With true gated communities, I am referring to homes with a true gate that is locked at the entrance to the community and only accessed via a code and/or someone who is watching the gate. I have gone ahead and listed the communities below that fall into this category for both Santa Barbara proper and Montecito.  I have also offered a brief description of some of the highlights.  If you would like more specifics... Continue Reading >

Montecito & Santa Barbara 3rd Quarter 2015 Real Estate Market Statistics Update

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are some informative real estate market statistics here for 3rd quarter 2015 Montecito and Santa Barbara CA.  The images below compares the average sales price for single family homes in both areas over the last 5 years. As you can see, the amount of sales in Montecito has dropped a large amount this last quarter compared to 2014.  This has really been the feel for most of the last month.  Many agents are commenting on how slow everything has gotten recently in Montecito and the upper end market. For Santa Barbara proper the... Continue Reading >

The Spectacular Gated Beach Community of Sea Meadow in Montecito CA

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Montecito Sea Meadow Sea Meadow is a wonderful high-end, private and tropical feeling, guarded and gated beach community located steps from the Montecito beaches of Hammond's and Miramar.  A few minutes by foot and you can additionally access all there is to offer at The 4 Season's Biltmore Hotel and Coral Casino as well as all the shops and fine dining located at The Lower Village on Coast Village Road.  The people that live there consider this to be as desirable of a location as you can find. Additionally, within 4-5 minutes by... Continue Reading >

Coast Village Gardens Condos – Coast Village Road in Montecito CA

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Coast Village Gardens Coast Village Gardens is a wonderful centrally located condo complex located at 1220 Coast Village Road in Montecito CA.  The complex is for many the most prominent looking condo building in the chic Lower Village.  Although there are other areas along Coast Village Road to live at, this complex has the most availability of homes that come up for sale. For many, the complex is a second home, easy turn-key option for a quick getaway up to Santa Barbara and Montecito.  For others, this is the easiest most affordable option for a... Continue Reading >

Montecito Luxury Real Estate & Homes for Sale $10 Million Plus

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice When it comes to luxury real estate, the community of Montecito is definitely a name that comes to mind.  Often finding itself in the top 10 list of most expensive real estate zip codes (93108), Montecito is one of the handful of smaller communities in the country that have a true real estate market of home values above the $10 million price point. Approximately eight square miles of hidden neighborhoods (roughly 3000 households) and expansive estates, Montecito has been the destination of choice for celebrities and millionaires for over one hundred... Continue Reading >

The Private Unique Hedgerow Area in Montecito California

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Within the wonderful community of Montecito, you find many smaller individual feeling communities that have their own style and feel.  One of the most prominent that residents and realtors talk about is the historic feeling Hedgerow area.  The area itself does not have any true definitive boundaries, but is loosely defined as the area on either side of San Ysidro Road running from the 101 Freeway up to East Valley Road in between Hot Springs Road  and Sheffield Drive. This community has a true private feel to it in which most homes are largely concealed... Continue Reading >