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November 2010 Cort Reports Santa Barbara CA – Goleta, Carpinteria, Summerland

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are the latest Cort reports for sales here in the Santa Barbara area for the month of November 2010 for Goleta, Carpinteria and Summerland. Further Reading: Sotheby's Int'l Realty - Santa Barbara and Montecito Is My Realtor a Santa Barbara Neighborhood Specialist? Articles on Luxury Real Estate Articles on The Oceanfront Areas Articles for Foreign Buyers/Sellers Sotheby's Int'l Realty Tops in Sales 2010 For information on Real Estate here in Santa Barbara, Montecito and/or our surrounding areas, as well as any other aspects of life in our... Continue Reading >

Cash-In Refinancing for your Carpinteria, Goleta or Santa Barbara Area Home

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here is a great article by Tom Royce regarding Cash-In Refinancing.  With interest rates as low as they currently are, this might be an option for a few people here in the Carpinteria, Goleta and Santa Barbara areas. "If you are underwater on your present mortgage you probably think refinancing is insane. But with the low interest rates available for homeowners with good credit it may make sense. What is Cash In Refinancing? Cash in Refinancing is the cousin of cash out refinancing... Continue Reading >

Are you an Ideal Candidate for a Short Sale here in Goleta CA?

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Tips to Avoiding Foreclosure: Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Short Sale? The reality for people that are unfortunately facing foreclosure is not something that is taken lightly.  The prospect of not just losing your home, but dealing with all the emotional and financial realities that come with it can be more more than overwhelming. Fortunately, certain people may be in a position to avoid this legal, financial, and emotional turmoil by going the route of a short sale. Do you qualify... Continue Reading >

Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosures in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Goleta CA.

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice As a home buyer in today's market here in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria, you may be able to get "deals" on foreclosures, but buying foreclosures can be risky as well.  If you are looking at foreclosures as an option for a home purchase, it is crucial to understand the many potential cons associated with the one obvious "pro" of buying a foreclosure. First, there are a few definitions of properties that are generally thrown around and become universally known as... Continue Reading >

How to Find All the Goleta and Carpinteria CA. Foreclosures and Short Sales Statistics

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Just read below... Here are the latest statistics on short sales and foreclosures in both Goleta and Carpinteria CA. Carpinteria Foreclosures - 2009 year to date In Carpinteria CA., year to date there have been 28 bank owned / foreclosures that have come to market. Roughly 10% of all listings in Carpinteria year to date have been foreclosures. The lowest sale was a 2 beds 1 bath mobile home that sold for $60,000. The highest sale was a 5 beds 3 baths home located at 5427... Continue Reading >

Goleta Real Estate Sales Update, Santa Barbara CA. – First 6 Months 2009

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice For the first 6 months of 2009, there were approximately 155 total closed sales of single family homes and condos in Goleta CA.  Currently as of June 29th, 2009, there are approximately 72 properties in Goleta that are pending sale (under contract). The reason that I use the word "Approximately" is the simple fact that there are several homes that are located in "Goleta", yet have a Santa Barbara address.  There is also a substantial area in our town that is... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara CA Jesusita Fire Update, 80 Confirmed Homes Burned – Saturday May 9th

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice After several relentless and stressful days of extreme heat, wind and fire, Santa Barbara is finally getting a break from the weather.  With day time temperatures around 100 degrees and overnight temperatures hovering in the 80 degree range the last 4 days as well as wind gusts up to 50-70 miles an hour, this mornings heavy marine layer, calmer winds and 58 degree weather is a blessing. Everyone one I seem to talk with expresses their appreciation with the job... Continue Reading >