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Things to Do in Santa Barbara, California – Montecito and Shopping

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Whether you are a local, in town visiting family and/or friends, or here on vacation in Santa Barbara, California, there is never a lack of activities and things to do in our wonderful seaside resort community.  Here below is the fourth installment in a series of articles that point out some of Santa Barbara's most prominent local attractions.  Some of these will be cultural, some dining, some active pursuits and some I am still deciding on.  This fourth installment will be focusing on... The... Continue Reading >

The Premier Gated Golfing Community of Birnam Wood Country Club, Montecito CA.

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Birnam Wood is located in the heart of Montecito CA., and is considered the premier gated golfing community within Santa Barbara.  Birnam Wood first started development in the early 1970's and is made up of only single family homes and estates and consists of a total of 142 unique homes with currently 2-3 vacant lots left to build on.   Most of the homes in Birnam Wood are very private feeling and line the golf course.  All homes primarily sit on 1 acre parcels... Continue Reading >

Montecito in the Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Zip Codes in the United States

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice People in general will always be attracted to beautiful areas within the United States when it comes down to real estate.  For many, these places are also a great place to invest in when times are as uncertain as they have been in the last 18 months. One reality about the real estate market in the more exclusive and expensive areas in our country that seems to hold true is this -- values tend to rise the fastest when times are good and these areas... Continue Reading >

Any Decision on The Miramar Project in Montecito CA? Update August 4, 2008

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Despite a marathon meeting last week, no decision has been made on the hottest topic in Montecito Real Estate...Will Mr. Caruso have his proposed plan for The Miramar project be approved.   For a complete story, Chris Meagher from The Independent, has the latest update and information on where the project stands. Further Reading: Real Estate Market Update for Montecito CA - First 6 Months 2008, Concerns Rise Again About the Proposed Development of the Miramar Hotel in Montecito CA., The Secret of Santa Barbara and... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Update for the Montecito Area – First 6 Months 2008

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice I have summarized below an easy to look at brief outline of the overall MLS statistics for the Montecito CA area through the first 6 months of 2008.  The total number of single family homes sold in Montecito was 93.  The number of current pending sales for single family homes is 18.  The number of current active listings for single family homes is 135. The total number of condos / townhomes sold in Montecito was 9.  The number of current pending sales for condos / townhomes  is 2.  The... Continue Reading >

Concerns Arise Again About The Proposed Development of The Miramar Hotel in Montecito CA.

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice First it was Ian Schrager, the big city boutique hotelier... Next it was local billionaire Ty Warner, the famous toy maker and hotelier... And now developer Rick Caruso is learning first hand about the long path it will take to please all sides for a proposed development to "revamp" The Miramar Hotel located on the beach in Montecito CA. From the start in 2006 when Mr. Caruso purchased the property from Ty Warner, he has pleased many residents and the city by holding open... Continue Reading >

Who Else Wants to Buy Into Montecito CA Real Estate?

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice I was not real surprised when I saw this latest chart of real estate values here in Montecito CA., but sometimes you do have to just sit back and be in awe.  The Pacific coastal gem that we know as Montecito CA continues to impress with ever increasing real estate values.  Framed by coastal mountains and gorgeous beaches, the lifestyle here in Montecito offers its residents wonderful cultural entertainment, plenty of outdoor recreational activities, fine dining, warm weather, ocean breezes, sunsets... Continue Reading >