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Yearly Sales Price Comparison for The Montecito CA Real Estate Market

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice How are overall prices and number of homes sold compared to the last 4-5 years? Here below is a quick look at the overall comparisons in both prices of single family home sold in Montecito CA. from 2008 to the present, as well as the number of homes actually sold.  As you will see, overall sales since the downturn in 2008 have really picked up in the Montecito area, especially over the last 12 months.  In addition, the average price of homes selling has come off the bottom. In hindsight, most people are... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate – Montecito Real Estate Market Update 3rd Quarter 2011

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Where is the Montecito real estate market as we approach the last few months of 2011?  A quick glance back throughout the year with regards to real estate in Montecito has shown up and down changes almost monthly.   Some months the market feels very strong, other weeks there seems to be a lull etc.  As I talk and share with many agents currently about their buyers and where they are at, their thoughts seem to also change monthly with some high end clients on hold while others don't know where else they would put... Continue Reading >

Montecito Real Estate 2010 Year End Sales – Single Family Homes Year End Stats

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are the final year end statistics for single family homes sales in Montecito for 2010.   1) Overall there were a total of 153 Closed Sales (reported by the Santa Barbara/Montecito MLS) of single family homes in Montecito. 2) These 153 were slightly higher than in 2009 where we had a total of 143 Closed Sales of single family homes. 3) The lowest sale was a small Bank Owned cottage located at 1394 Danielson Road, Montecito, CA 93108 that sold for $685,000. 4) The highest sale was an oceanfront modern Mediterranean home located at... Continue Reading >

Montecito CA. Real Estate Home Sales Statistics – Year End 2009

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice In 2009, there were a total of 155 closed sales of single family homes and condos in Montecito CA.  As of December 31st, 2009, there were 25 properties in Montecito that were pending sale (under contract). The lowest sale in Montecito was a bank owned 2 bed 2 bath condo located at 1220 Coast Village Road, Montecito CA., 93108.  The sales price was $625,000. The highest sale in Montecito was a gorgeous estate located on Rockbridge Road in the heart of Montecito.  The sales price was $25,279,165. Overall, the market in Montecito was... Continue Reading >