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Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Update for November 2012

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are the latest statistical numbers for monthly inventory of Santa Barbara properties for sale, combined with new listings and closed sales.  The constant is simply that new listings are down and our inventory continues to lag behind the demand of buyers.  Even as we now approach the X-mas holidays, there are numerous buyers out there looking and waiting.  After roughly 5 years of the Santa Barbara real estate market being a predominantly buyers market, we have completely switched here in the last few months. Sellers are now able to sell their... Continue Reading >

More Statistics Confirming That The Santa Barbara Real Estate Market is Very Very Strong!

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are some recent statistics about how strong the real estate market has become here in Southern California and especially in the Santa Barbara area. The number of sales in Southern California is up 9% from July and 14.2% from the same month last year! The median sales price is up 10.8% from last year! This is the 6th consecutive month that the year-over-year median price has risen AND it’s up 27% from the low in 4/09! Foreclosures are now at their lowest percentage of the market since 1/09! Most importantly for us here locally in Santa Barbara...all... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate – What is the Early Pulse of The 2012 Real Estate Market?

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Often as a Realtor I am asked...for obvious reasons: Where is the real estate market these days? How is the real estate market these days? Are homes selling fast, slow etc.? Basically all of these questions mean "What is happening in Real Estate right now?" Across the board from the lower starting end at around $200,000 to $600,000, to the middle of the market from $700,000 to $1.5 million all the way to the luxury high end of $5 million and above, homes are selling. In the lower end from around $200,000 to $600,000, most all... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Data and Statistics Update Spring 2011

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are some of the latest market statistics here for Santa Barbara.  The first report/graph below is an overall snap shot of the market with regards to inventory, prices, days on the market etc.  It is all pretty self explanatory. With regards to the overall feel of the market today...this seems to actually change weekly during the last few months.  Most of the time the overall market feels pretty stable, but then we will have a few weeks where the market feels a little slower and vice versa.  After a few slower... Continue Reading >

March 2011 Santa Barbara County Real Estate Market Update – Pulse of the Market

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice Here are the latest statistics for the real estate market with regards to median and average list price vs. sales price.  It is a good informative graph that presents in a few different ways the amount of sales here in Santa Barbara.  If you have further questions and / or would like to see some different graphs on your particular neighborhood, please feel free to be in touch.    Further Reading: Sotheby's Int'l Realty - Santa Barbara and Montecito Is My Realtor a Santa Barbara Neighborhood Specialist? Articles on Luxury Real Estate Articles on The Oceanfront Areas Articles for... Continue Reading >

Santa Barbara Homes for Sale – Market Update March 2008

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice I have summarized below an easy to look at brief outline of the overall statistics for the Santa Barbara Real Estate market through Mid- March 2008.  These statistics are for Santa Barbara proper only. The total number of single family homes sold was 45.  The number of current pending sales for single family homes is 44.  The number of current active listings for single family homes listed this year is 183. The total number of condos / townhomes sold was 45.  The number of current pending sales for condos / townhomes  is 14.  The number of current... Continue Reading >