Campanil Hill Real Estate

Campanil Hill Real Estate

Located on the sea-cliff just outside the boundaries of Hope Ranch, Campanil Hill and Yankee Farm is a gorgeous private feeling neighborhood filled with larger homes and estates.  The Campanil Hill and Yankee Farm Real Estate values average around $1.5 million to $4 million with the larger estates near the oceanfront seeing up to $8 million.

The area is not too large and some years does not see much real estate activity at all.  2013 comparatively saw a decent amount of real estate transactions compared to the last several years.

Below is a list of all the activity for 2013 in this area of Santa Barbara.

  • There are currently 3 listings for sale ranging in price from $2.695 million to $6.795 million.
  • There were 4 sales in the area ranging in price from $1.35 to $3 million.
  • Currently there are 2 properties pending sale, one asking $1.495 and the other asking $2.149 million.

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